IEBC opens servers and logs to presidential candidates


The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) on Tuesday allowed presidential candidates to access its servers and logs used in the repeat October 26 polls.

The electoral agency allowed those interested parties who requested access to the information including the candidates’ agents and election observers.

“Today, the commission has granted presidential candidates, agents and observers access to the Results Transmission Server,” read a tweet by the IEBC.

The access to servers and logs was one of the primary issues which was in consideration in the Supreme Court decision to annul President Uhuru Kenyatta’s August 8 win.

NASA has also used this as one its major reasons to withdraw from the repeat polls. They also wanted change of ballot paper printer, Al-Ghurair and the polls technology provider-OT Morpho.

The IEBC opened the servers a day after declaring President Uhuru Kenyatta as the victor to avoid a repeat scenario which played out at the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court in its majority decision pointed out the refusal by the polls agency to open up its servers and logs as part of the reason they ruled in favor of the annulment.

“IEBC’s contumacious disobedience of this court’s order of 28th August, 2017 in critical areas leaves us with no option but to accept the petitioners’ claims that either IEBC’s IT system was infiltrated and compromised and the data therein interfered with or IEBC’s officials themselves interfered with the data or simply refused to accept that it had bungled the whole transmission system and were unable to verify the data,” the judgement read.

The agency will provide access to any other party who requests the information.




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